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September 5, 2001

Lets wrap it up,
Most of this was written last week but problems with the pictures have prolonged it�s release. This is the final update for the RideforCancer adventure. There will be periodic updates when important news about breast cancer events take place but for all intensive purposes, this is it.

My mom, Ellen, Isabelle, me and Kay line dancing to Shuggie Otis Last Saturday, August 25th, was the welcome home reception at Holly�s Hallmark. I�ll pass on a little secret, the best way to get people to any event is fresh, hot Krispy Kreme donuts. People flocked in from the streets just to meet me. OK, I know they really wanted the donuts and coffee, but it just sounds so good. Thanks to a very special person, we were able to raise another $1,000 for Breast Friends mentoring program at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. That raised the overall confirmed total to just under $16,000. It was nice to see friends and supporters I hadn�t seen since leaving Long Beach.

A few reminders before we proceed. The Team Spirit Breast and Ovarian Cancer 10k walk will be held Saturday, October 13th here in Long Beach. All money raised will go to help programs like Breast Friends at Memorial Medical Center. For more information, stop by Holly�s Hallmark at 5012 E. 2nd St. in Long Beach or email me. You can also call the Hallmark Shoppe at (562) 434-5291.

My mom and I have been chosen to be the LOCAL HEROES for the Ultimate Drive. The Ultimate Drive is a BMW fundraising event that raises money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For every mile driven, BMW will donate $1. Everyone (over 21) is welcome to drive and all you have to do is show up Tuesday, October 23rd at 11:00 AM at Long Beach BMW. Food and fun is guaranteed. For more information, check the at Long Beach BMW website.

You thought I was riding across the country.  I really spent my summer at the Manville Camp If anyone is going to be around Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Thursday, September 13th, the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition will be hosting a presentation by breast cancer activist Dr. Susan Love. For more information click here

We have a few RideforCancer T-shirts left that are available for a $15 donation (Large and Xlarge sizes). All moneys from T-shirt sales will go directly to Breast Friends. Use the contacts above for more info.

If anyone would still like to make a donation, you can either click here. to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Coalition or send donations for local programs to:

Jim Dunn, Kay Pitner, and Judy Dunn at the reception RideforCancer
203 Argonne #B
Long Beach, CA 90803

Now for a quick little �best of� list then some music reviews and then you�re free to go.

Best Cookies from the Cookie Drop: Rhubarb and Jilebi�s Choco-Choco Chip Cookies
Most Cookies and a close second for best: Jen Locati

Thank you everyone for the cookies, there were two packages that got eaten by varmints and/or rained on. So to the people that sent cookies that I have not thanked do to indecipherable mailing addresses, thank you as well. T-shirts will be sent out soon.

One of the many weird signs I ran across on the road

Best Diner/Breakfast: Sunny Day Diner � Lincoln, New Hampshire
Runner up: Whitey�s � Fremont, Ohio

Best Donuts: The Little Donut Shop in Vermont (That really is the name)
Runner up: Some 50 year old donut shop in Geneva on the Lake, Ohio

Best Roller Coaster � Wood: The Cornball Express � Indiana Beach

Best Roller Coaster � Steel: Millineum Force � Cedar Point

Coolest Town: Fargo, North Dakota. Don�t believe the movie. This place rocks when its not twenty below or plagued by mosquitos

Best Regional/Local Beers: Yuengling � Pennsylvania, Premium Grain Belt � Minnesota, Long Trail Ale � Vermont, and Cadillac Mountain Stout - Maine. (Most consumed � PBR)

Favorite Phrase in response to my trip: Holy Buckets!

Longest Day of Riding: 130 miles

Place Most Likely to Move to: Richmond/South Burlington, Vermont

How many times I was convinced I was crazy: Good question, probably 6

CD REVIEWS All CD�s are or will be available at Fingerprints Records in Belmont Shore.

Beachwood Sparks � Once We Were Trees (Sub Pop)
This could be the album of the year. It might not be for everybody so I�ll rephrase it. This could be my favorite and most listened to album of the year. It�s a reminder of why I�m proud to be a Californian. The music is pure Cali-psychedelic-pop bliss that has slowly been polished to create a sound similar to previous sun drenched bands like the Byrds, but crafted in a style all their own. I don�t think the Byrds would have attempted a cover of Sade. Once We Were Trees is a much better depiction of the band than their first album. The big difference is that they decided to really let loose and open up this time around. It has made all the difference. It is surprising how such a mix of original songs can make up an amazingly cohesive album. The bad news is that it doesn�t come out until October 9th. So, everybody will have to hold on or better yet, you can catch them opening up for the Black Crowes at the Greek Theater September 11th or any of their September dates.

Sparklehorse � It�s a Wonderful Life (Capitol)
I know I have a habit of either reviewing music that is twenty years old or not available for months and I apologize. But the Sparklehorse CD just arrived in stores last week so everybody should be able to find this one. Mark Linkous is the main man behind the moniker. On his third full length release he has brought in some friends and developed a record that is not only beautiful but decisively unique. It�s not that often that Tom Waits can sing on a track and it not sound out of place. Other additions to this album include PJ Harvey and Nina Perrson, formerly of The Cardigans. The women add a rugged sultry overtone to the bizarre yet intriguing music. Tracks like �Gold Day� should be anthems for up and coming hipster youth while �Comfort Me� might leave you permanently bobbing your head to the repetitive drum beat that somehow fits perfectly with this demented love song. Anyone who sings about horses can�t be all bad.

Whiskeytown Whiskeytown � Pneumonia (Lost Highway)
It might not be twenty years old but the band has broken up. Figures. The frontman, Ryan Adams, has a new solo record that comes out next month. I wanted to review that but had trouble tracking down a copy. I don�t believe I�m settling for second best though. Pneumonia is one of those secret gems that almost never saw daylight. Recorded three years ago in a church in Woodstock, New York, the album ended up getting lost in the corporate mergers that were taking place in the music industry. Pneumonia was originally slated to be a double disc set similar to Wilco�s Being There. By the time a new label was found and work on additional production began, a one CD version was chosen. I wondered why this album had that greatest hits feel to it. So, what does it sound like. Hummmm, there is a style of music that has recently developed that lacks definition. It�s sort of singer-songwriter, rock �n roll, with a down home country simplicity. That might not sound too appealing but it�s better than using the term �No Depression� to describe it. If you don�t buy this, try Either Ryan�s first solo album, Heartbreaker, or his new record, due September 25th, Gold.

Thanks to everyone. This includes all of the supporters and sponsors and of course everyone who followed me along the way. Big thanks to Coffee Cup Caf� in Long Beach. Not only did they let us the place for the silent auction, they also were our main �corporate� (ha, ha) sponsor. Big thanks also to Ellen for making the reception a success. Others who helped out on the last leg include: Jen Breuklander, Nezinscot Farms, my mom, dino, Terry at Memorial, Jennifer Tuck, Diane at Three Rivers Rafting for the cool photo, Michele from Breast Friends (thanks in advance for lunch next week), everyone who showed up to the reception and helped devour 6 dozen donuts, Bar Harbor Bikes, Jones Bikes, the people who donated money while on the road � I forwarded $174 to at NBCC, and of course, the gaggle of people I forgot.

That�s me in the front right corner.  You gotta take my word for it If anyone needs web hosting, Marketrends is cost efficient and very reliable (not one problem with the Rideforcancer site)

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Also, visit the RideforCancer Sponsor Page to support those helped make all of this possible.

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Do all good things come to an end,
Matt Allen