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July 25, 2001

Hello Everybody,
It took me a while to find the proof that I need cookies and baked goods. I got it a few days ago while I was at Cedar Point riding roller coasters. You can tell by the picture below that not only have I gone crazy, which is a good enough reason for cookies, but I've also withered away to skin & bones.

SCARY...ISN'T IT I will be in Vermont by next Saturday (Aug 4?) and have arranged with some friends to accept the packages. This is your chance to show off your baking skills. There will be prizes awarded as well. A free T-shirt will be given for best cookies and most cookies (other baked goods count as well.) If you're not feeling up to baking, Ma 'n Pa's in Long Beach has excellent oatmeal choco chip cookies and they ship UPS too. Their phone number is (562) 438-4084. I'm planning on taking a day off when I get to Vermont to do one final update before I finish and attempt a new record for cookie consumption!

Can't wait til Vermont,
Matt Allen