April 26 , 2001

May 4, 2001

Sittin� by the dock of the Bay!

CLICK TO ENLARGE I think I�m going to begin every update with WOW! When I start to brainstorm about what has happened in the last week, I�m overwhelmed with where to begin my journal entries. You would think it would just be the same old stories of waking up, riding all day, and then going to sleep. But, somehow, a bunch of other stuff happens in between. I guess we won�t go in chronological order this time.

I was on the CBS Morning News in San Francisco this morning! Waking up at 4:30 to get to the studio for a 6:20 spot was a little tough. It paid off with an unbelievable sunrise over the Bay Bridge. I didn�t know San Francisco could have such clear skies. After a couple cups of coffee and a six pack of powdered donuts from the vending machine, I was half awake and ready for my two minutes of fame. CLICK TO ENLARGE OK, You know when you hear your voice on an answering machine and you think it sounds a little weird? Well, TV is much worse. I sound like a prepubescent hippie with a mumbling southern drawl. You can�t win �em all.

CLICK TO ENLARGEAfter the interview I headed uptown to visit the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center. WOW, what a setup they have. Their brand new building houses everything needed to care for, treat, and educate patients. Meridithe Mendelsohn, the Administrator, showed me around and informed me of new techniques and trials they were working on. CLICK TO ENLARGEWith the new center they are now able to help a thousand patients a month. The picture on the right is Meridithe and I in front of a wall of tiles that breast cancer survivors painted. For information on sending a donation to the UCSF Breast Care Center click here.

Oh yeah, better not forget the biking part. It�s going great. After dragging all my gear north on Highway 1 through Big Sur, I got some relieve in Santa Cruz. CLICK TO ENLARGE My mom, Patti, drove up her van with a trailer to use as a support vehicle. My friend Brooke will drive it north to Eugene. She is also helping coordinate press and fundraising along the way. The next group we will be visiting is the Mendicino Cancer Resource Center. By having the support vehicle, I will be able to do more miles in a day which will then give me more time to visit local breast cancer organizations along the way. The picture on the right is our Santa Cruz gang: Alex (pup), Victoria, me, ma, Andrew, and Brooke. CLICK TO ENLARGE

While in Santa Cruz we went to visit the Easy Racers factory. They make the bike I�m riding cross country. The owner, Gardner Martin, helped with a tune up and adjustments and gave us a tour of the plant. Now I have a better understanding of how much work goes into making custom bikes. CLICK TO ENLARGEAll the touring bikes are hand made in that building. While there, my mom tried out a new inexpensive model called the EZ-1 Super Cruzer. She loved it and Gardner offered us a great deal so we threw one on the trailer for the journey. Free test rides will be given along the way and upon my return to Long Beach.

Thank you to everyone whose help has been much needed on the most recent leg of this journey. My mom, Gardner and Easy Racers, Brooke, Greig Todd and everyone at KPIX, Aimee, Victoria and Andrew, Costanoa Campground, Ryan and Kirsten, Dino, all the supporters, and everyone I forgot. CLICK TO ENLARGE

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Until we meet again,
Matt Allen